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After a very trying couple of months ( for all of us!) we are excited to open again for in house dining!  While there are things that will remain the same, like our awesome staff and quality of food, several changes have been made in order to best abide to COVID-19 protocal.  In an effort to keep both our patrons and employees safe and healthy, we are taking the following measures:

  • Currently only outdoor dining and takeout are available.  Seats and capacity limited.  We suggest giving a call before you come.


  • To promote social distancing, tables are situated so that there is 6 feet between separate tabled guests.  We ask that you do not move chairs without the assistance of a staff member.


  • In order to give everyone a chance to enjoy The Clubhouse, we have placed a limit on a table visit to no longer than two hours.


  • Our staff will be wearing masks onsite, both on the restaurant floor and in kitchen at all times.  Our staff is educated on proper COVID-19 protocols. 


  • In accordance with government guidelines, it is required that you wear a mask while not seated at your table.  If this is a measure you do not agree with, we hope that you will join us again when government guidelines have changed.


  • While not traditional, we think it to be best to use all disposable items for serving.  Please expect disposable plates, utensils, cups, and serving containers.  With this disposable item policy in place, we can better insure guest safety.


  • A peroxide based sanitizer that is effective immediately will be used on all frequently high toughed surfaces and in between table seatings.



Most importantly, we ask for your patience while we all get acclimated to these new guidelines.  We are so excited to see our Clubhouse Family again and hope that we can all work together to make it a successful season.  Government guidelines will continue to change and with that, we will make changes too.

We cant wait to see you!

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